Hello, I’m Josephine Gabrielle. I’m currently working as a menu curator in a UK-based start-up called FoodStyles. The company that I’m working for is developing a mobile application to help people with strict dietary requirements or certain allergies to be able to find and enjoy food according to their needs.

Being a food technology graduate presents me with various job options after graduation — be it working in the food industry, diving into the F&B business, or even tech.

Over the course of four years, I learned a lot about food, its regulations, human nutrition, and many more. I was also fortunate enough to learn a lot in the technology aspect.

Studying food technology has equipped me with much necessary food-related knowledge. It has also my skill in paying more attention to detail and decision-making. Having most courses delivered in English has also helped me a lot in communicating with my coworkers. Thanks to the curriculum, I am also able to grasp concepts about recent technology used in my current workplace faster.

Overall, the knowledge about food integrated with technology, and all the years of exposure to the English language have proved to be useful in my day-to-day work life. I can proudly say that majoring in food technology was a decision I don’t regret. Thank you Food Technology BINUS!