Graduate Competency

Student Outcomes

After completing the study, graduates are:
  1. Able to design food production process based on the application of the principles of food processing technologies effectively, efficiently, and precision in order to produce a standardized production process properly.
  2. Able to design food products development that have quality, safe, nutritious and beneficial to health, and based on the principles of food technology.
  3. Able to doing research on fusion food processing operations appropriate with the characteristics of food material, so as to produce safe food and quality along the food production chain and can provide added value to the food.
  4. Able to analyze problems with the approach in solving the problem of food technology and the production of food products to be efficient, safe, and with a guaranteed quality.
  5. Able to design the packaging of food products in order to protect and maintain the durability and quality of products, as well as safe, with an informative label for consumers appropriates with the regulations and legislation of food.
  6. Able to propose innovations in the production process and or food products with a distinctively Indonesian locally based food ingredients.
  7. Able to propose alternative food raw materials as a substitute for imported food.
  8. Able to integrate computer applications that support the use of technology in food production processes fields.