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Department of Food Technology, BINUS University is under the Faculty of Engineering. Established in February 27, 2014.

Department of Food Technology, BINUS University is not only the right place to gain the knowledge, expertise and professionalism in food processing industry, but also a suitable place to develop creativity and innovation in the food business and entrepreneurship. Students complete a rigorous scientific curriculum refer to Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) competencies and  Perhimpunan Ahli Teknologi Pangan Indonesia (PATPI) recommendation to meet IFT education standard, namely :  Food Chemistry and Analysis, Food Safety and Microbiology, Food Processing and Engineering, Applied Food Science, Food Biochemistry and Nutrition, to prepare the students well for leadership positions at the numerous job opportunities available in the food industry, such as quality control, production management and new product development, food related to public health issues, as well as in dealing with various food related policy and regulations at government institutions. Our curriculum is also enriched with Information Technology supporting Food Processing, Food Technology and Food safety system, soft skills such  as leadership and entrepreneurship.

The faculty members have deep expertise in the areas of food chemistry, food microbiology, food processing, food engineering, food safety, food analysis, functional foods, food biochemistry and nutrition. They are actively involved in teaching and research covering a wide range of topics relevant to present-day issues in food technology and nutrition.

Our teaching and learning activities as well as research programs are supported adequately with modern facilities of laboratories, library, IT system, designed to response the challenge of modern food industries and food business requirements to support food sovereignty in Indonesia.

The Food Technology of BINUS University is a dynamic institution and responsive to development issues of outer world. We welcome any kind of academic collaboration at national, regional and international level to provide and adopt international education program in Food Technology.

Be with us to feed the world with tasty, healthy, nutritious and safe food…


Dr. Ir. Ingrid S. Surono, M.Sc.