Plant-based milk has become a consumer interest in recent years due to the health-beneficial effect of the product. Red rice milk is one of the cereal-based milk that uses red rice (Oryza sativa L.) as the main ingredient that contains antioxidant activity. The utilization of red rice in Indonesia is very limited, only for replacing white rice. The potency of red rice to be developed as rice milk has been poorly studied about the antioxidant activity and proximate content in the red rice milk. In this research, red rice was used as the main ingredient. Proximate analysis and antioxidant analysis (DPPH and total phenolic content) were conducted on the red rice milk. This research aims to analyze the nutrients content in red rice milk and its antioxidant activity. Red rice milk contained 98.01% of water, 0.07% of ash, 0.13% of protein, 0.71% of fat, and 1.07% of carbohydrate. Red rice milk inhibited 53.37% of DPPH radical and contained total phenolic about 274.5 ppm. The result revealed the potential of red rice milk as a functional drink with antioxidants.

DOI 10.1088/1742-6596/2049/1/012012

Author: Cokro Wijaya and Andreas Romulo