Academic Advisory

Before the start of the new semester, the Department of Food Technology held an Academic Advisory Activity for new FOODTECH2023. This is the right of the new BINUSIAN to receive academic advising from their Academic Advisor.

The consultation may include academic advice, reports of academic achievements, information about results to their parents, and problem-solving for academic problems that students experience during their study. The Academic Advisor also aims to motivate students either as individuals or as a group during class. The Academic advisor may advise the students of the courses they need to take or provide them with suggestions for a study plan. Students are encouraged to schedule a meeting with their academic advisor (who is normally the appointed lecturer or their Head of Program), especially when they are planning their semester courses. Students should meet their academic advisor when they have academic difficulties in their studies. It is very important that students seek academic help before their problems or difficulties become more serious and possibly jeopardize their success in studying.