As reported previously, on October 16th 2018, there is a celebration for World Food Day in Binus@Alam Sutera, organized by Union of Students of Food Technology (Himfoodtech). This is a mini educational event, and also to socialize the role of Himfoodtech in the student activities at Binus@Alam Sutera.

To complement the previous report on this event, this post will cover the event and also the educational posters (in Indonesian) on food safety related with SYNTHETIC COLORING AGENTS

Booth for educating about synthetic coloring agents in the daily life

Description of synthetic coloring agents and its potential hazards

How to detect synthetic coloring agents in the foods


This educational event is very beneficial for Binusian, hence catching the interest of 300 Binusians that day. Congratulations and good luck for future endeavors of Himfoodtech!