Congratulations to our students Ardelia Vinta, Jessica Christa, Malta Lungidta for successfully obtaning internship at PT Niramas Utama (Inaco Food), a premium national company.

We wish that this collaboration with industry initiated by the department of Food Technology will foster you to bring empowerment and readiness to face the challenge in the real world.

Moreover, please check your 3+1 advisors from this link:

On the 3+1 PROGRAM students of Food Technology Binus University will learn for 3 years ON CAMPUS and another 1 year in the REAL WORLD (there are 5 tracks to be chosen:

(a) Internship,
(b) Research,
(c) Community Development,
(d) Entrepreneurship, and
(e) Study Abroad.

The 3+1 program is an innovation brought by Binus University to achieve the vision of 2 out of 3 graduates of Binus University are working at global communities, premium national company, or becoming entrepreneur.
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