Faculty Member and Staff

Lecturer code Name Position Contact/Address
D4759 Ir. Ingrid S. Surono, MSc, PhD Head of Department isurono@binus.edu gridsw@yahoo.com
D5756 Bayu Meindrawan, S.Si, M.Si Deputy Head of Department dmangindaan@binus.edu
D5515 Yulia, S.TP, M.Gizi Head of Laboratory yulia@binus.edu
D5873 Ata Aditya Wardana, S.TP, M.Si Subject Content Coordinator ata.wardana@binus.edu
D5417 Dr. Nesti F. Sianipar, SP, M.Si Research Interest Group Leader nsianipar@binus.edu
D5530 Azmier Adib, BSc, M.Biomed Faculty Member azmier.adib@gmail.com
D4868 Wiwit Amrinola Faculty Member wiwit_zahra@yahoo.com
D4862 Dede Saputra Faculty Member ddsaputra@binus.ac.id