Dave Mangindaan, ST, MT, PhD

Dave Mangindaan, ST, MT, PhD, AMRSC
Deputy Head of Department of Food Technology
Bina Nusantara University

Jenjang Jabatan Akademik/Jabatan Fungsional: Lektor 200

  • Associate Member – Royal Society of Chemistry (UK)
  • Member – American Chemical Society (US)

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I am currently an assistant professor in food technology with strong background in the chemical engineering, while simultaneously serving as a deputy head of department to ensure both academic and administrative operations are running well. At the moment I am developing membrane technology for food applications, and also purification of organic solvents/biofuels (e.g. ethanol), water treatment. I am confident in solving multi-variant problems related to bio/chemical/food processes owing to my 3 years experiences on postdoctoral research in integrated research areas (membrane technology, plasma science, biomedical, biomaterials, drug delivery/pharmaceutical engineering, mathematical modeling and statistics) and close to 4 years on teaching & education.

Research Interest/Expertise

  • Chemical & Materials Engineering: Membrane science & technology, polymer physics& formulations, plasma technology, drug delivery/pharmaceutical engineering, nanotechnology
  • Food Technology: unit operations in food processing, food plant/food factory design, physical separation of food components by using membranes
  • Biomedical science: Cell-materials interaction, biomaterials, bioprocess & environmental engineering
  • Mathematics/Statistics : Physicochemical modeling, biostatistics


  • 2018 Competitive Incentive for International Journal Article (Category B: Experienced) – Indonesian Ministry for Research, Technology, and Higher Education, 2018 (Rp. 26.150.000), only around 100 awarees nationally per year
  • Outstanding Reviewer Award, Chemical Research Engineering & Design, March 2018, Elsevier, Amsterdam, Netherlands (top 10%)
  • Early Career Chemist Travel Award, Pacifichem 2015, Hawaii, USA, 15-20 Dec. 2015 (worth US$ 3725: $2000 cheque + $725 conference fee + $1000 hotel accommodation).
  • Best poster presentation award, Pores for thought: Porous materials for greener energy and the environment (Joint UK-Indonesia conference on porous materials, Bath Univ.-Institut Teknologi Bandung), Bali, Indonesia, 14-17 Feb. 2015
  • Science & Technology Research Grant from Indonesia Toray Science Foundation, Apr. 2015-Mar. 2016 http://www.itsf.or.id/winners/win_03.html (Rp. 45.000.000)
  • 2014 Merit Achievement Award, 28th Innovation & Research Award, Faculty of Engineering NUS for Nelson Minyang Woon, as a final-year project (FYP) student I supervised. http://www.eng.nus.edu.sg/ugrad/awards/ira_2014.html (S$200)
  • PhD scholarship from NTUST Taiwan, 2007-2010
  • Masters scholarship from ITB, 2005-2006

Educational Background

  • PhD: Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST), Taiwan (Sep. 2007-Jan. 2011)
  • B.Eng & M.Eng: (ST & MT) Chemical Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), Indonesia. (Aug. 2001 – Jun. 2005, and Aug. 2005 – Nov. 2006, respectively)

Working Experiences

Duration Position Details
Mar. 2016-present 1. Assistant Professor (*)


2. Reviewer

Dept. of Food Technology, BINUS University, Indonesia

-Deputy Head of Department


International Journal of Food Engineering (ISSN: 1556-3758)

Journal of Engineering Science & Technology (ISSN: 1823-4690)

Iranian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (ISSN: 1021-9986)

Chemical Engineering Research & Design (ISSN: 0263-8762, Outstanding Reviewer Award 2018)

Aug. 2014-Feb. 2016 1. Assistant Professor (*)


2. Reviewer

Dept. of Chemical Engineering, UNPAR, Indonesia



International Journal of Food Engineering (ISSN: 1556-3758)

Aug. 2012- Dec. 2013 Research Fellow Dept. of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, National University of Singapore (NUS)

Impact: Highly productive membranes for tough pervaporation dehydration of acetone (may also be applied for dehydration of bioethanol, volatile aroma recovery, etc.)

Mar. 2011- Mar. 2012 Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dept. of Chemical Engineering, NTUST, Taiwan

Impact: Drug delivery platform & biocompatible polymers by the aid of plasma technology



Publications in international journals: (Scopus-indexed journals with impact factor, in reverse chronological order)

No Publications
13 Felicia Marcella Gunawan, Dave Mangindaan, K. Khoiruddin, I. G. Wenten


Nanofiltration membrane cross‐linked by m‐phenylenediamine for dye removal from textile wastewater


Polymers for Advanced Technologies (2018) article in press


Impact factor: 2.137


Q1 Polymers and Plastics

12 Dave Mangindaan, K. Khoiruddin, I. G. Wenten


Beverage dealcoholization: Past, present, and future


Trends in Food Science and Technology 71 (2018) 36-45

Impact factor: 5.191

Q1 Food Science

Q1 Biotechnology

11 A. Compaore, A. O. Dissa, Yann Rogaume, Aditya Putranto, Xiao Dong Chen, Dave Mangindaan, André Zoulalian, Romain Rémond & E. Tiendrebeogo


Application of the reaction engineering approach (REA) for modeling of the convective drying of onion


Drying Technology 35 (2017) 500-508

Impact factor: 1.976, cited by 1

Q1 Chemical Engineering (miscellaneous)

10 Dave W. Mangindaan, Nelson Minyang Woon, Gui Min Shi, Tai Shung Chung


P84 polyimide membranes modified by a tripodal amine for enhanced pervaporation dehydration of acetone


Chemical Engineering Science, 122 (2015) 14-23

Impact factor: 2.895, cited by 15

Q1 Chemical Engineering (miscellaneous)

Q1 Chemistry (miscellaneous)

Q1 Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (miscellaneous)

9 Dave W. Mangindaan, Gui Min Shi, Tai-Shung Chung


Pervaporation dehydration of acetone using P84 co-polyimide flat sheet membranes surface modified by using vapor phase ethylenediamine


Journal of Membrane Science, 458 (2014) 76-85

Impact factor: 5.983, cited by 19

Q1 Filtration and Separation

Q1 Materials Science (miscellaneous)

Q1 Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

8 Dave Mangindaan, Wei-Hsuan Kuo, Meng-Jiy Wang


Two-dimensional amine-functionality gradient by plasma polymerization


Biochemical Engineering Journal, 78 (2013) 198-204

Impact factor: 2.892, cited by 9

Q1 Biotechnology

Q1 Environmental Engineering

7 Dave Mangindaan, Wei-Hsuan Kuo, Hengky Kurniawan, Meng-Jiy Wang


Creation of biofunctionalized plasma polymerized allylamine gradients


Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, 51 (2013) 1361-1367

Impact factor: 2.838, cited by 4

Q1 Materials Chemistry

Q1 Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

Q1 Polymers and Plastics

Q1 Condensed Matter Physics

6 Dave Mangindaan, Ivan Yared, Hengky Kurniawan, Joen-Rong Sheu, Meng-Jiy Wang


Modulation of biocompatibility on poly(vinylidene fluoride) and polysulfone by oxygen plasma treatment and dopamine coating


Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A, 100A (2012) 3177-3188

Impact factor: 3.076, cited by 14

Q1 Metals and Alloys

Q1 Ceramics and Composites

Q2 Biomaterials

Q2 Biomedical Engineering

5 Dave Mangindaan, Chang-Cheng Kuo, Shi-Yow Lin, Meng-Jiy Wang


The Diffusion-Reaction Model on the Wettability Gradient Created by SF6 Plasma


Plasma Processes and Polymers, 9 (2012) 808–819

Impact factor: 2.964

Q1 Condensed Matter Physics

Q1 Polymers and Plastics

4 Dave Mangindaan, Chao-Ting Chen, Meng-Jiy Wang


Integrating Sol-Gel with Cold Plasmas Modified Porous Polycaprolactone Membranes for the Drug-Release of Silver-sulfadiazine and Ketoprofen


Applied Surface Science, 262 (2012) 114-119

Impact factor: 2.538, cited by 9

Q1 Surfaces, Coatings and Films

3 Dave Mangindaan, Wei-Hsuan Kuo, Ching-Chuan Chang, Shu-Ling Wang, Hsiu-Chi Liu, Meng-Jiy Wang


Plasma polymerization of amine-containing thin films and the studies on the deposition kinetics


Surface and Coatings Technology, 206 (2011) 1299-1306

Impact factor: 1.998, cited by 32

Q1 Surfaces, Coatings and Films

Q1 Materials Chemistry

Q1 Condensed Matter Physics

Q1 Chemistry (miscellaneous)

2 B.R. Huang , J.C. Lin, T.C. Lin, D. Mangindaan, M.J. Wang


The effect of tetrafluoromethane plasma post-treatment on the electrical property of tungsten oxide nanowires


Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 11 (2011) 7693-7699

Impact factor: 1.339, cited by 2

Q2 Materials Science (miscellaneous)

1 Dave Mangindaan, Wei-Hsuan Kuo, Yi-Lin Wang , Meng-Jiy Wang


Experimental and numerical modeling of the controllable wettability gradient on polypropylene created by SF6 Plasma


Plasma Processes and Polymers, 7 (2010) 754-765

Impact factor: 2.964, cited by 20

Q1 Condensed Matter Physics

Q1 Polymers and Plastics

Courses taught:

No Course code Course name Credits Semester Note
1. FOOD6017 Principles of Food Engineering  2 2nd 2017/2018 Undergraduate
2. FOOD6027 Planning & Plant Design  2 Undergraduate
3. FOOD6023 Bioprocess Technology  2 Undergraduate
4. FOOD6020 Integrated Food Processing Laboratory 2 1st 2017/2018 Undergraduate
5. SCIE6022 Analytical Chemistry 2+1 Undergraduate
6. FOOD6021 Food Packaging and Storage Technology 2 Undergraduate
7. FOOD6032 Communication Skills in Food Industry 4 Undergraduate
8. FOOD6031 Industrial Experience 8 Undergraduate
9. FOOD6011 Hygiene, Sanitation and System Quality In Food Industry  2 Undergraduate
10. FOOD6005 Food Additive, Food Law and Food Regulation in Food Industry  2 Undergraduate
11. FOOD6031 Industrial Experience  8 Undergraduate
12. ENTR6201 Food Business Model & Validation 2 Undergraduate
13. ENTR6202 Launching New Food Venture  2 Undergraduate
14. ENTR6237 EES in New Food Business  4 Undergraduate
15. ENTR6295 Business Start Up  8 Undergraduate
16. FOOD6017 Principles of Food Engineering 2+2 2nd 2016/2017 Undergraduate
17. FOOD6022 Unit Operations in Food Processing 2 Undergraduate
18. FOOD6025 Experimental Design 2 Undergraduate
19. FOOD6027 Planning and Plant Design 2 Undergraduate
20. SCIE6022 Analytical Chemistry 2+1 1st 2016/2017 Undergraduate
21. SCIE6020 Chemistry 2 Undergraduate
22. FOOD6020 Integrated Food Processing Laboratory 2 Undergraduate
23. FOOD6017 Principles of Food Engineering 2+2 2nd 2015/2016 Undergraduate
24. KUE-649 Advanced Methods for Material Characterization 2 1st 2015/2016 Master
25. KUW-532 Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 3 Master
26. ICE-203 Physical Chemistry 3 Undergraduate
27. ICE-305 Heat Transfer 3 Undergraduate
28. ICE-420 Internship 2 Undergraduate
29. ICE-320 Chemical Engineering Lab. II 4 Undergraduate
30. ICE-430 Chemical Plant Design 4 Undergraduate
31. KPW-533 Unit Operations in Food Industry 3 2nd 2014/2015 Master
32. ICE-492 Polymer and Membrane Technology 2 Undergraduate
33. ICE-306 Process Instruments 2 Undergraduate
34. ICE-420 Internship 2 Undergraduate
35. ICE-320 Chemical Engineering Lab. II 4 Undergraduate
36. ICE-430 Chemical Plant Design 4 Undergraduate



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