Journal of Food Engineering 274 (2020) 109844

Review of an article published recently (December 2019) in Journal of Food Engineering 274 (2020) 109844.

This is an interesting article that enriches the knowledge in food engineering, especially in the field of membrane applications for food industry (in this case, starch hydrolysis). The ceramic membrane was than applied for semi-industrial scale, along with engineering economic analysis.

These materials are precious to be added for the coursed taught in the Food Technology Department, Faculty of Engineering, Bina Nusantara University, namely FOOD6042 Principles of Food Engineering, and also FOOD6027 Planning and Plant Design.

Moreover, this Scopus-indexed Q1 publication is written, in part, by our fellow in Faculty of Engineering, Ir. Dave Mangindaan, PhD, MRSC, AMIChemE, IPM